Amazon Web Services Unveils Data-Intensive Cloud Storage

Amazon Web Services Friday unveiled storage instances designed to handle data-intensive applications. Called High Storage Eight Extra Large, the instances are suited for applications with large amounts of data, including data warehousing, Hadoop workloads and log processing.

“We know that these applications can generate or consume tremendous amounts of data and that you want to be able to run them on EC2 [Amazon Elastic Compute 2],” read the AWS blog.

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The new instances will run in Amazon Redshift, the data warehousing service AWS introduced at its re: Invent conference in Las Vegas in November.

The storage instances give users 35 EC2 Compute Units (ECUs) of compute capacity, 117 GB of RAM, and 48 TB of storage across 24 hard disk drives, AWS said. The instance can deliver more than 2.4 GBps of sequential I/O performance.

“As customers move every imaginable workload to AWS, we continue to provide them with additional instance families to meet the requirements of their applications,” Peter De Santis, vice president of Amazon EC2, said in a statement.

Amazon said High Storage Eight Extra Large instances are available immediately in the AWS U.S. East (Northern Virginia) Region and will be rolled out in other AWS regions in the coming months.

On-demand pricing is $4.60 per hour in the U.S. East Region. Purchases can be made for one- and three-year reserved instances (for light, medium or heavy workloads).

Also Friday, AWS unveiled the availability of its Data Pipeline, an automated data flow system to help businesses organize and route data from disparate repositories that it introduced at the re: Invent conference.


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