Avnet CloudReady

Avnet CloudReady™ prepares you to quickly enter and capture a long-lasting, profitable stake in the Cloud computing market.

Opportunity Overview
Gartner predicts Cloud computing services will become a USD $150 billion
market opportunity by 2014 as companies seek to:

  • • Evaluate their Cloud readiness
  • • Analyze solution options
  • • Optimize data center investments

Whether you wish to specialize in Cloud computing or simply augment your solution offering in existing markets, CloudReady helps you achieve your goals faster and with minimal investment through the following enablement programs, professional services and targeted Cloud solution offerings:

Education and Technical Training
Gain the specialized knowledge and skills needed to quickly build and grow a profitable Cloud computing practice, including how to:

  • • Gain a common understanding of the Cloud and its key drivers and stakeholders
  • Identify and pursue the right opportunities for your business
  • • Build the skills needed to enter the market, sell and deliver cloud solutions
  • • Determine which suppliers and strategies are best suited to your market focus

Avnet has created Cloud partner training modules that are dedicated to educating your sales and technical staff.
To learn more or to sign up for this training, click here

Cloud Professional Services
Leverage the following targeted services to support the consultative sale of Cloud solutions within your customers’ data center environments:

  • Cloud Strategy Workshop:
    A one-day billable end-customer engagement targeted at the C-level and Senior IT Management. The workshop provides an executive overview and education on cloud computing as well as an interactive discovery process to create a shared cloud vision and approach for the organization. Key findings and recommended next steps are documented and presented in a final deliverable.
  • Assessment:
    A three week professional services engagement that uses quantitative and qualitative analysis to provide the end-customer organization with the information needed for sound decision-making in determining a go forward strategy and migration path to cloud computing. Deliverables include a roadmap with actionable next steps and recommendations to achieve the desired level of cloud maturity.
  • Solution Design and Development:
    Determine the best private Cloud configuration and architect the solution or public Cloud service and evaluate supplier offerings.
  • Implementation:
    Integrate Cloud services into the customer’s environment.
  • Management:
    Provide managed or hosted Cloud services to optimize solution performance for your customers.

Cloud Solutions
Target high-growth market opportunities by providing Cloud solutions in each of these areas:

  • • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • • Software as a Service (SaaS)