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Innovative Financing that Fuels Business Growth
The right financing can give you a powerful competitive advantage and provide a valuable tool to profitably grow your business. Shifting to an annuity revenue model that managed and cloud services are based on, will impact your cash flow making it a difficult transition for the business as well as a challenge to motivate your sales people as they adapt to smaller upfront commission payments. Avnet offers partners flexible financing solutions tailored to your unique business needs providing you with the support needed to adjust your business model and align with managed and cloud-based revenue streams.

Bridge the Gap—with Less Risk
A component of the CloudReady™ initiative, Avnet PayNow Program offers you the choice between receiving commission payments as managed and cloud services are delivered, or accepting an upfront payment. The amount of upfront payment depends on contract duration, the commission rate and other financial elements. Avnet’s experienced financial experts can help you put the PayNow Program to work for your company.

Turn Your Annuity Payments into Faster Rewards
With the PayNow Program, Avnet takes on the credit risk and responsibility of billing and collecting payment from your customers over the duration of the contract terms. That means you’re able to stay focused on growing your sales, while leveraging our credit and collection capabilities to reduce payment time and eliminate the hassle and cost of managing these transactions in-house.

• Qualify: PayNow option is available for annuity based services with a minimum initial contract length.
• Calculate: Upfront payments depend on contract duration, commission rate and other financial elements. The amount is calculated at the proposal stage. You are able to choose the upfront payment option or receive payment as services are delivered.
• Pre-Pay: Avnet pays you shortly after services are initiated with the end-customer.
• Add-Delete: If services are added to or deleted from the initial contract, those contract amounts will be adjusted according to the PayNow terms and conditions.
• Cancel: In the event a contract is cancelled, all terms and conditions apply.

The Bottom Line Benefits
Avnet PayNow Program gives you more options and flexibility when it comes to growing your recurring revenue base and profitability. By successfully transitioning to an annuity revenue model, you can increase your financial strength and business valuation.

For more information about this or other Avnet Financial Services offerings, contact your Account Manager or e-mail DataCenterLifecycleServices@avnet.com.
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