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IBMSmartCloud Foundation:


• SmartCloud Foundation

• Smart Cloud Entry       
   & Advance

 System x

• BladeCenter Foundation

• SmartCloud Entry

• SmartCloud Provisioning

• Cloudburst for Sys x



• Cast Iron

• Workload Deployer


• SONAS for Cloud

• Hypervisor

• Storage "snap in" module
   for BCF and Cloudburst

IBMSmartCloud Services:

 PAAS                               (Platform as a Service)

• IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise

• Virtual Desktop

 SAAS                               (Software as a Service)

• Rational AppScan

• Tivoli Live

• Lotus Live

 IAAS                               (Infrastructure as a Service)

• Managed Backup

 Cloud Security

• Hosted E-mail

• Web Security

• Hosted Vulnerability Mgt

• Security Event & Log Mgt

IBMSmartCloud Solutions:



• Social Collaboration

• Performance Mgt.


• Perform Management

• Multi Channel eCommerce

• Consistent Customer Info


• Customer Insight Optimization

• Master Data Mgmt.      
for Banking

 Cross Industry

• VDI for Smart Business

• SW Portal

• Business Analytics

Avnet CloudReady Services:

 PAAS                   (Platform as a Service)

• iSeries Utility

 SAAS                               (Software as a Service)

• MS Exchange

• SharePoint


 IAAS                               (Infrastructure as a Service)

• Virtual Servers On Demand

• Physical Servers On Demand

 Cloud Security

• Avnet Cloud Workshop Services

• Avnet Cloud Assessment Services