Avnet Virtual Servers On Demand

Provides a cost effective enterprise-class cloud base solution to provision and manage virtual servers, install preferred operating systems, and configure network and security infrastructure – in minutes without the capital expenditure.

Business Opportunity
• Suggested Requirements: Sales training, SME; Sign NDA, Execute Service
Agreement Addendum
• Business Case – $24,000 x 10 Deals = $240,000 margin. This is recurring revenue and will continue to grow as customer footprint grows. Plus any value-added services partner can wrap around offering.

Client Pain Points
• Reduce Capital expenditures
• Flexibility to scale resources up and down
• Provide DR and Business Continuity cost-effectively

Client Profile
• Ideal for new-emerging businesses, companies with seasonal computing requirements, or organizations that need greater transparency and lower technology investment.
• Cross-industry, CIO, Director IT

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