IBM Smart Business Cloud Enterprise

Provides clients with quick access to a security-rich, enterprise-ready development and testing environment to help reduce costs, shorten cycle times
and improve quality.

Client Questions
• Are you under pressure to reduce costs in your development and test environments?
• How long does it take you to install and configure development and test environments?
• Is it taking too long to bring new services and offerings to market? What is it worth to you to shorten the delivery window?
• Are you constrained by lack of resources, both people and IT infrastructure?
• Do you experience a large number of defects at deployment due to faulty development or test configurations?

Client Pain Points
• High capital and operating costs required to set up, configure and maintain the infrastructure to support development and testing
• Long development cycles and testing delays due to the time needed to procure, install and configure the necessary IT resources
• Greater potential for development errors and poor testing results due to the complexity of setting up and configuring the environment

Client Profile
• Client Size: Medium to large enterprises, or Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
• Typical Sponsor: Chief Information or Financial Officer, VP of Infrastructure, Director of Operations, VP or Manager of Application Development.

• Available in simple predefined small, medium, and large bundles, suited to your budget and consumption with the flexibility of “no-commit,” pay-as-you-go usage

Average GP%
• 5 – 18%
Average Services GP% is provided for general guidance and can vary depending on region, scope of Services delivered, rebates, market conditions, etc.

Services Business Development Manager • Cheryl Thompson • (210) 247-1770 •