IBM Smart Business Desktop on the IBM Cloud

Offers virtual desktops as a hosted subscription service, delivering current applications anytime, anywhere, without costly hardware upgrades or support. The centralized environment helps improve security, manageability, flexibility and productivity.

Client Benefits
• Provides immediate worldwide access to sell in the growing cloud and virtualization market and access to an IBM offering that has already gained traction
in the marketplace
• Reduces the upfront and recurring costs associated with delivering a managed mobility service on your own infrastructure
• Quickly expands capabilities and offerings with a service that has a clear value proposition
• Offers multiple opportunities to sell additional related services developed and delivered by the IBM Business Partner including: desktop consultancy services,
solution deployment, Level 1 helpdesk, software licenses, image management, client security management, networking and provision of the end-point devices
• Provides a predictable annuity stream.
• Allows reallocation of your own development funding away from enterprise service development and into other value-added investments

Client Pain Points
• Need to simplify distributed end user environment to reduce costs and complexity
• Need to enhance data security and end user productivity
• Need to enable business flexibility by providing access to applications and data to a non-traditional workforce

Client Profile
• Client Size: Cross Industry, large and mid-sized enterprises
• Typical Sponsor: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, Vice President of IT Infrastructure

• Price will vary based on number of desktops and delivery model. A large project can be $1,000,000 or more

Average GP%
• 5 – 11%
*Average Services GP% is provided for general guidance and can vary depending on region, scope of Services delivered, rebates, market conditions, etc.

Services Business Development Manager Cheryl Thompson (210) 247-1770