IBM LotusLive

LotusLive delivers services through an online delivery model, reducing cost and start-up time and eliminating complicated installations and the need for onsite IT support. This convenient and cost effective delivery model, combined with simplified collaboration makes it easier to do business with virtually anyone, anywhere,
any time.

Target Audience
Companies of all sizes (SMB, LE, boundary workers) who need:
• To collaborate inside and outside their firewall in order to innovate and execute ideas quickly
• A project-based environment with dispersed teams
• To quickly locate and team with colleagues who have the right background and expertiseAdditionally those companies who seek to minimize their IT resource expense or to expand their existing on-premise solutions by utilizing a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering.

Client Pain Points
• Collaboration beyond the firewall; effectively collaborating with customers, Business Partners and vendors outside of your organization
• Overloading email
• Cut back on travel expenses – be there virtually with online meetings
• Having incorrect or outdated information when engaging with customers, Business Partners or teammates
• Spending too much time looking for the right person or content needed
• Lack of internal resources to deploy and manage collaboration infrastructure
• Need to support globalization
• Need to share large files inside and outside your company
• Not having the “right” tools to collaborate with others; existing tools are insufficient or are too complex, not intuitive and do not support the
way people want to work
• Challenges with integrating collaboration with the tools people use every day
• Challenges with working effectively with a project team after a meeting ends
• Unreliable meeting services
• Cost reduction – need collaborative services, but cannot afford the capital or operating expense associated with on-premise solutions
• Lack of integration of collaboration tools with business network
• Need secure, reliable social networking and collaboration capabilities

• Combines cloud-based business email with advanced collaboration tools for one low monthly price
• Provides full-featured email, calendaring, contact management and instant messaging—via a web browser or Notes client
• Enables you to host online meetings, store and share files and manage projects in the cloud
• Designed to help save time, increase productivity and streamline communication

Key Questions
• Does your company have a high need for collaboration in the extranet?
• What tools does your organization use for team collaboration and content sharing?
• What is the impact to your business when your project or department teams have a hard time finding the latest information or the right contacts?
• If employees are using email to collaborate on attachment files, how does it impact your file servers and their email?
• Does your company need secure global access to projects and files inside and outside the firewall?
• Would you like to provide scalable, “ready now” collaboration and project management offerings with no IT staff required for implementation?

Competitive Differentiators
• Easy-to-use interface
• Collaborative multitenancy environment
• Seamless capability for integrating on-premise and Cloud-based applications to the end-user
• Security, reliability and experience of IBM – built for business
• Integrates with and extends value of on-premise collaboration solutions (from Lotus® and third-party Business Partners)

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Average GP%
• 20% – 30%
*Average Services GP% is provided for general guidance and can vary depending on region, scope of Services delivered, rebates, market conditions, etc.

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