IBM Cast Iron Cloud Integration

With Cast Iron, IBM clients are enabled with fast and flexible SaaS and Cloud application integration in days and empowered with access to today’s SaaS and Cloud-based applications with simple integration into existing applications and processes. Cast Iron provides the lowest cost and highest returns on investments in Cloud and SaaS models and enables companies to rapidly connect their hybrid world of public clouds, private clouds, and on-premise applications.

Client Benefits
• Eliminate manual, swivel-chair approach and provide real-time visibility of back-office data for Cloud users.
• Rapidly deliver cloud integration projects in days and achieve higher ROI in SaaS and Cloud models.
• Leverage reusable process templates and use a “configuration, not coding” approach to reduce costs by as much as 80% compared to custom code.
• Connect Cloud and on-premise applications in days
• Augment existing SOA middleware solution
• Does not require IT skills and high up-front costs prohibitive to mid-market companies.

Value for Resellers
Cross application integration allows CXO level discussion of business process improvement. Cast Iron provides low cost solution for immediate success, opens door for strategic value discussions. Resellers can generate revenues through the following mechanisms:
• License sales, whether perpetual or subscription
• Services – integration fees
• Business transformation for larger deals
• Introduction to additional projects as a result of business process improvement discussions

Target Market
• Employee count 200+ or $50M in revenue
• Infrastructure supports multiple SaaS and on-premise/customer applications
• Best fit is SFDC and on-premise ERP (land here and then expand)
• Most popular use cases Customer Master sync, and Quote to Cash Purpose fit – usually 2 end points to land (CRM-ERP)
• Entry point for product 12K-18K 1st year subscription plus 10K services (starting point -QSIP offering)

Do not play where
• Employee count 100 and under (unless business needs justifies $20-30K spend for solution, e.g., B to C where integration is needed in portal commerce etc.)
• No packaged SaaS (CRM or ERP) apps – only home grown custom apps
• Very few CRM users (sales and Business Partner behind driving revenue justifies integration cost)
• Value proposition breaks when prospects are not investing in business applications to run their business.
• No clear SaaS play, or no mid market standard applications requires custom integration development that Cast Iron can connect to via TIPS, as the cost to build a custom integration can be prohibitive.

Average Deal Size
• 20K – 50K

Average GP%
• 10% – 40%
*Average Services GP% is provided for general guidance and can vary depending on region, scope of Services delivered, rebates, market conditions, etc.

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